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Uses: Enclosures, Consumer Products

  • Wide temperature rating (Use between -4°—176°F / -20°—80°C)
  • Good for injection molding
  • Good plating & painting characteristics
  • Many colors available

ABS plastic examples


Uses: Electronic housings, Lenses, Medical

  • High temperature rating (Softens at 311°F / 155°C)
  • Strong impact resistance
  • Good coloring options, including clear
  • Glass filled for extra strength

Polycarbonate plastic examples


Uses: Industrial Housings,
Foam Padding, footwear

  • 2 Part thermoset
  • Flexible or rigid
  • Low Pressure Forming, Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)
  • Can be machined or sanded for modeling

Polyurethane plastic examples


Uses: Flexible Handles and
Shock Absorption

  • Multiple material types
  • Wide range of Flexibility
  • Can be overmolded around plastic components
  • Some color and design restrictions

Samples of elastomer parts


Uses: Hinges, Flexible Parts

  • Create Living Hinges
  • High temperature rating (Melting point: 320 °F / 160 °C)
  • Higher performance than polyethylene

Samples of polyproplylene parts


Uses: Packaging & Faceplates

  • Wide Range of Color options, including clear
  • Low Melting Point (Softens at 150°F / 70°C)

Samples of Polystyrene parts

Polysulfone / PEEK

Uses: Medical Products, bearings, fasteners

  • High temperature rating (Softens at 289°F / 143°C)
  • Transparent
  • Can be glass reinforced

Samples of Polysulfone Parts

Other Resources

Additional Plastics

  • Resins
  • Non petroleum plastics
  • Composites
  • Renewables

Samples of Other Plastics