LOGIC designworks
Injection Molded Plastic Design Metal & Sheetmetal Design Medical Device Design

Fire Extinguisher

Concept and Prototype

Automatic Sprinkler System directs foaming compound in the direction of the fire through the use of Infrared imaging. While not activated, the extinguisher acts as a wall sconce.

Fire Extinguisher Design

Server Equipment

Sheet metal design and component placement

Custom sheet metal face plates for Custom rack-mount Networking Solutions. The face plates were laser-cut from blanks within 0.1mm.

Rack-mount panels

Cable Adapters

Design & Packaging

A set of Video game controller adapters for connecting older Nintendo controllers to USB and the new Wii system. The designs were produced and packaged in China and can be purchased at www.retrousb.com

Nintendo USB

Adjustable Plant Cage

Design through production

An adjustable plant cage that allows you to position supports to maintain the best balance and light penetration. Can be purchased at www.GlobalGardenFriends.com

Plant Cage

FDA Labeling

Drug Facts Panel, trademarked logo

Through collaboration with exodesign. This project includes the GoClear logo, the company brand, container tubes and boxes, and the e-commerce website. Can be purchased through Sephora or at www.GoClear.com


Insulin Pump Design

Concept work for early housing designs

Through collaboration with exodesign Housing design concept sketches and brainstorming for a revolutionary insulin pump design.


Medical System

Ergonomic Studies and design work

Through collaboration with exodesign The project scope included initial concept work, ergonomic studies and chair design prototypes, and surface modeling during the refinement stage.

Wheelchair and Car Transfer System design

Lift System

Concept and Design

A design for transferring wheelchair bound passengers into roof-rack enabled cars. The device can be used with any wheelchair, including the compact folding wheelchair design shown here.

Wheelchair and Car Transfer System design

Elastomeric Products


Elastomer Cable Manager that pins your cables to your desk.

Cable Manager

Metal Cast Housing

Concept and Surfacing

In collaboration with exodesign and Fusion Design. This Housing Design for a GPS guidance system. This entry level device rounded out their existing product line with a 4.3" color display, 15 LED Visual feedback bar, USB and Deutsch connectors on the back, and a 6 button interface.

GPS Device Design

L3 Communications:

Integrated Checkpoint System

Fiberglass covers, bin return sheet metal housing,
and regulatory warning labels for a scanning portal system.

Checkpoint System Design

Plastic Housing

Design for injection molding

Plastic housing with snap together and screw construction. Designed for high volume injection molding. Can be purchased at www.retrousb.com

Injection molded Housing

Waterproof Device

Design for wet environment

Design for an electronic housing with a hermetically sealed chamber using sonic welding. Device to be used in demanding environment.

Water proof housing

Personal Medical Device

Concept and CAD modeling

In collaboration with exodesign and Fusion Design. Design for an electronic housing to withstand drop testing and FDA approval.

Medical Housing

Compostable Toothbrush

Design for Production using renewables

An injection molded toothbrush made from renewable, non petroleum, based plastic.

PLA Toothbrush